Count it all Joy

There was a moment five years ago when it truly felt like my heart was shattered into pieces with five short words, and I was forced to scream out of the uncontrollable pain inside of me. It was as if my soul was being strangled, and after that moment had passed, it took a long […]

I’m Into Jesus

I’m sitting on a massive plane on my way to England at the moment, legs cramped, stomach flipping because of that less than cooked pasta I ate a little while ago, and yet as soon as I peer through my tiny window, all fades away and I am simply in awe of the glory of […]

Learning to Love Myself, or Him?

I wish I could tell you that every time I feel The Lord pressing on my heart to analyze myself and check the motivations of my heart before I do something, I submit my mind, will, and emotions to Him and heed the Holy Spirit’s discernment in my life. But that just simply wouldn’t be […]

The Question

There’s a question that keeps arising in my heart that has caused me to examine myself. It’s a question that drives me to anxiety, to guilt, even to desperation. It’s something I think we all struggle with at some point as men and women, but as a young woman who professes Christ Jesus as Lord […]

Birthday blessing

I just recently celebrated my 19th birthday, and while there was much to be joyful about, I found my heart aching.  I imagined a couple months earlier that my ‘special day’ was going to look much different, but little did I know how much my life would change in such a short period of time. […]

Free to Struggle

I am not a good person, and as I may humbly point out, neither are you. Shocking as this sounds, this humbling truth is necessary to understand our condition as human beings. As children, we slowly begin to speculate the world around us, try to sort out the millions of thoughts and feelings that run […]