I’m Into Jesus

I’m sitting on a massive plane on my way to England at the moment, legs cramped, stomach flipping because of that less than cooked pasta I ate a little while ago, and yet as soon as I peer through my tiny window, all fades away and I am simply in awe of the glory of God. Clouds cover the earth like a blanket, and in the few patches that sunlight is allowed to break through to kiss the earth, I can see the glorious sea’s surface, the waves seem frozen in place to me from 39,000 ft up. And as I contemplate my Creator, I have a dctalk song that I still absolutely love called Into Jesus playing on repeat. My heart connects to the lyrics:
A sea of glass,
a raging storm has come to pass
You show your face in a array of ways. My feet may venture to the ground
but you will never let me down,
I can’t hold it in my soul is screaming Hey you- I’m into Jesus…
Hey you I’ve seen the truth and I believe.
It’s painfully clear to me that God’s Word is true; this world is passing away like a garment, but my Lord and Saviour will never change, fade, or forsake me. He is to be feared and to be cherished, and His name must be proclaimed. I want to be so into Jesus that I can see his face in everything I see. May the cry of our hearts each day be to fall more and more in love with Jesus our King!


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