Birthday blessing

I just recently celebrated my 19th birthday, and while there was much to be joyful about, I found my heart aching.  I imagined a couple months earlier that my ‘special day’ was going to look much different, but little did I know how much my life would change in such a short period of time. While I was feeling the weight of the world, an email came in from my very beloved sister. She wrote this poem which I would like to share with you. I am undeserving of her encouragement and only hope to measure up to her descriptions of me in this. Beyond this sentiment, she has beautifully captured the joy of salvation, the beauty of the cross, and the reality of our struggle on earth on the journey to heaven. I hope you’ll enjoy as she is an exquisite writer and my treasured friend (I’m simply blessed we’re also related!) 
Bronwyn with Light within her breast
Once he dwelt where light abounds, though dark consumed his heart
A celestial being of beauty, but a traitor from the start
Murder he embraced, while love and truth he would profane
A crafty, cunning serpent, seeking glory for his name
Enthralled by his own beauty and enraptured by his light
Heavy with idolatry -A god in his own sight
Malice grew within his heart, as he coveted God’s crown
t was then his brilliance turned to black, and the devil was cast down
Now prowling like a lion, seeking prey he can devour

He longs to conquer all the light, and in the dark gain power

Jealous of the children who now bear the Son’s reflection

He schemes to make them suffer, winning souls with his deception

Gone is all his glory… All that glittered was not gold

His light is now a masquerade, his beauty gnarled and old

He knows that Light can only shine where truth and love abides

But he resides in hate, despising truth -The prince of lies

He paces like a feline and he hunts just like a shark

His cold eyes burn with hatred as he watches in the dark.


Meanwhile under curse of sin, the earth grows dim and bleak

Blind eyes dare not seek the truth, and lies consume the weak

Wrath is held back like a dam, as workers till the fields

Warriors of Christ sharpen their swords, and raise their shields

Each one carries a cross, and yet the burden is not heavy

And as they walk a song bursts forth, like fireworks or confetti

A song that cuts through silence, quieting the loudest storm

A song of peace and triumph, making icy hearts turn warm

The enemy is screaming out his curses left and right

The prince of darkness conquered by the One who brings the Light

He writhes in all his bitterness, but he will never rest

Knowing his defeat has made him all the more obsessed.


While the war wages, God has made a masterpiece on earth

Sculpted in His image – she’s a treasure of great worth

A daughter of the King, she would be noble, kind, and fair

With summer skies within her eyes, and sunshine in her hair

The light in her appearance would reflect that of her soul

For He’d already claimed her heart as one that’s pure and whole

He would give a name to her to prove that she was blessed

A heart he’d use to clearly separate her from the rest

A noble name that told of the fair heart within her chest

A heart of strength and truth – Bronwyn, with Light within her breast


His enemy would be hers too, and she’d be tried by fire

But through the trials He’d show her that she was His heart’s desire

Just like the bride of Solomon, her beauty was enchanting

Like water to a thirsty deer, who comes weary and panting

He put the truth inside her, like a lighthouse in the night

To serve as a beacon of His love, ablaze with holy light


Her birth was not unnoticed by the lion in his den

In fact, before she came he tried his best to seek her end

Hearing the rumblings from above of a daughter to bear His reflection

He did everything within his power to try and prevent her conception

Once he knew his plans had failed, he attempted her demise

By planting seeds of depression, and plaguing her mother with lies

He told the woman that this child was only a mistake

That her body was too weak, and the child was more than she could take

He told her she was worthless, with nothing valuable to give

Trying to convince her that she didn’t need to live

Knowing that this woman was a precious daughter too

He almost thought he’d won in stealing not one life, but two


And yet despite her sickness, her sweet child would thrive and grow

Though blind, she was led through the darkness by a voice she didn’t know

And when that child was born, the mother’s blind eyes came awake

Looking at that precious face, she knew this was no mistake

A short while later, that same voice would lead her to a cross

Transformed with babe within her arms, as the enemy faced his loss

He knew he’d lost the battle, but he’d keep waging his war

Recounting the lies he’d spewed from the start, and coming up with more


As the child grew older, anyone could see her worth

With a heart reflecting something that suggested noble birth

Her beauty was apparent, and her depth could not be reached

With a thirst for truth and answers that could not be taught or preached

As if she always knew it was in Heaven she belonged

As if her very heart was breathed out of that sweet, triumphant song

Love grew strong within her, taking root and growing deep

Sometimes the love surrounding her could make a person weep

The serpent in his malice grew more vengeful of her glow

And in his jealousy, plotted a way to bring her low

He’d wait until the quiet times, and whisper in the night

Repeating lies of worthlessness, to try to snuff the light

Telling her the same things that he once had told her mother

That she was just a burden, of no use to any other

He told her she was just a fake – her heart was not sincere

And tried to keep her love at bay by planting doubt and fear

He taunted her with warnings not to let anyone in

For when they saw the real her, they’d be sickened by her sin

He held her failures over her, accusing and insulting

Trying to strip her of her faith, and distract her from exalting

To try to keep her focused on herself, and not her Savior

-To keep grace from her mind, and keep her sights set on behavior


And yet the devil’s conqueror gained ground each day that passed

Until her heart was His, as she surrendered all at last

Angels sang as she laid down her life before her Lord

And Satan and his minions shrunk as she took up her sword

Cowering as the light within her burst forth like the sun

Abhorred that his adversary had already won


He vowed never to stop, although he knew his own defeat

Working overtime, ejecting lies set on repeat

Attacking any way he can, and using human bait

Weak ones he could influence to wound her with his hate

Puppets he could send– so easy to manipulate

Planting words within them that each one could imitate

And yet, this daughter of the King was not just fair but wise

For when her soul was born again, she also gained new eyes

Although her flesh was weak, easily stung with cuts and wounds

The Spirit in her could discern deception from the truth


For that same light within her would illuminate her feet

And keep her on the path known as the straight and narrow street

She would learn to follow no one other than the Light

Confident that morning always follows after night

For as she walked, she found her eyes continually opened wide

And in her ears, she’d hear Him say He’d never leave her side

Beside the path to left and right, He’s shown her sinking sand

But she will run the race and win, as she clings to His hand

She knows the heart inside her beats with pure and Holy blood

And she must never be afraid to use that heart to love

For he has recreated her with that mission in mind

The stone is gone, and in its place is something pure and kind


Soft hearts can be vulnerable, and opened to attack

But her heart holds a light that cannot ever turn to black

For He has made it pliable and warm with love that’s real

A strong and steady love that Satan cannot crush or steal

As she holds out her heart to Him, the devil cannot stand

For he knows all the overwhelming power held within her hand

A power that brings the light from Heaven down to blinded earth

Revealing that the love she holds makes her of matchless worth

And as she holds it out, the Lord protects it with a shield

It’s His alone, bought with a price, and with His blood, it’s sealed

One day He may share it with a son who bares His mark

And join the two together as a beacon in the dark

But ‘til that day, He’ll prove to her that He is all she needs

Together, they will run the race and see the captives freed


No doubt she will be married to a prince within this life

But long before that, she will prove to be a noble wife

For He prepares her for a glorious wedding in the sky

Pouring love upon her, making her the bride of Christ

Teaching her submission, and humility, and grace

That she might not have eyes for earth, but only for His face

He will forge a crown for her to match her gown of white

He’ll lift the veil, and she’ll forever live within the Light

Fairer than a heroine or princess in a tale

I know a lady who could never fall enough to fail

Brighter than the stars at night and deeper than the sea

She’s lovely as they get, yet holds more worth than sight can see

With love that never dims and strength to pass through any test

This woman’s name is Bronwyn, with the Light within her breast


2 thoughts on “Birthday blessing

  1. Glad you were happy with it Bronny. I know you always found the meaning of your name embarrassing when you were younger, but I think it was a name very fitly chosen for the woman you have become. I really felt like the Lord was giving me new insight into the noble meaning behind it as I prayed about what to give you for your birthday this year. You are truly a woman of noble character and I feel that your name reflects that beautifully.

    For anyone wondering why I used the particular wording that I did in the poem, it does point directly toward the meaning of Bronwyn’s name – definitions and links below.

    BRONWEN/BRONWYN: “Fair-breasted.” Welsh name composed of the elements bron “breast” and (g)wen “fair, white, holy.” (

    Bronwyn: “Fair, blessed breast”

    Breast (definition) The seat of affection and emotion: Example: “Griefs of mine own lie heavy in my breast” (Shakespeare).

    Breast:the front of a body between the neck and belly; The area of the body which encompasses the heart. Example: He clutched the child to his breast

    Breast: the bosom conceived of as the center of emotion.

    So when I described the woman with the light within her breast, I hope it will be obvious to those reading that I am describing the heart within her that has been cleansed white with the blood of Christ – fair as they come… and filled with the Light of His love and His truth.

    Loving your blog Bron! But loving you more.

  2. wow.Alicia, what a poem. very beautiful. very timely and a consolation to us all. she IS very fair and blessed with the Light you so wonderfully describe. what a blessing for her to be so surrounded by such a loving family. love to you all…Deanna

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